We have been a part of the global team of Leonardo Group since 2010, operating in aviation, aerospace, defence and security sectors. The Enterprise provides employment for over 49k people in the production and office areas located mainly in Italy, Great Britain, USA and Poland.

Being a part of the global market brings us responsibility to have not only a state-of-the-art technology, but also to build and maintain close relationships with our clients throughout the whole lifecycle of our products.

We are the key integrator of the Polish aviation sector. We went down in history as the only manufacturer of Polish helicopters and throughout the 70 years in the aviation sector, 7 400 helicopters were manufactured and delivered to clients in over 40 countries around the world. At present, we are pursuing our development as an Aerostructure Centre of Excellence, having at hand full industrial capacity and working closely with other production plants of our Group. 

Our Team

Our Team of professionals with passion and commitment has been leading us to achieve our goals for the last 70 years. We are convinced that every person brings something precious and unique to the Company, helping us to create products and services of the highest quality.

In our team of approximately 2,600 employees, there are places for both experienced specialists as well as graduates, at the start of their professional career.

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What makes us special?

As a part of Leonardo Group, PZL-Świdnik is one of the key players in the global helicopter sector. We provide the best products and services of the kind; we are focused on the needs of our clients and sustainable business, as well as on the best quality of our products. Everything we do, we do with passion. In our team:

  • We work in an international environment, which guarantees the continuous experience and knowledge sharing
  • We use advanced technology and dedicated systems 
  • We take part in the training related to our line of business, seminars and conferences
  • Our employment is based on stable employment terms and we are awarded with additional bonuses for the achieved results
  • We have a wide range of social benefits available, including sports activity funding, group health insurance and health coverage
  • We build aviation awareness (Aviator Day, Świdnik Air Festival) and promote H&S rules, as part of our promo campaigns e.g. “My parent safe at work”
  • We support the local community in social campaigns such as a “Box of dreams”

Our fundamental rule is to observe ethical guidelines on every level and stage of our business operations. These principles include compliance with the relevant legislation, transparent and sound management, trust and cooperation with stakeholders, and zero tolerance of any form of corruption. You may find the main values of an employee of PZL-Świdnik SA in our Code of Ethics and Anti-corruption Code

Our Heritage, Our Pride

In our 70-year tradition we went down in history, mainly as the key partner of the Polish defence ministry. Please read the full history of our Company and our key products.


Thanks to products such as W-3 Sokół and SW-4, PZL-Świdnik may take pride in being the only Polish manufacturer of helicopters which are designed in Poland from scratch. More details about our products

  • SW-4 – a light multitask helicopter for passenger transport, basic and advanced training along with patrol and surveillance missions. We are currently developing its unmanned version, the SW-4 Solo (the largest European unmanned helicopter)
  • W-3A Sokół – a reliable twin-engine medium helicopter for day and night flights in all climates and weather conditions. Click here for more info. (redirection to the tab with the W-3A)
  • W-3PL Głuszec – multi-purpose combat helicopter designed to destroy air and ground targets. It can be used for SAR and transport missions.
  • AW101 – a helicopter tested in the most extreme environmental conditions. It merges the latest technology solutions, safe construction, modern systems of mission support and highly advanced production process.

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

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Students and Graduates

If you are a university or high school student who would like to gain experience in the aviation sector, please check the opportunities for you.

Students and Graduates

Cooperation with Schools and Universities

Cooperation with Schools and Universities

We support the next generation of engineers in their pursuit of knowledge through know-how transfer, internships and practical trainings, dual studies and technical school students’ patronage.