Cooperation with Schools and Universities

We support the next generation of engineers in their pursuit of knowledge through know-how transfer, internships and practical trainings, dual studies and technical school students’ patronage.

We have been cooperating with numerous academic centres in Poland and all over the world for many years now. We initiate activities which are designed to exchange knowledge and experience, as well as create growth opportunities for students.

Every year, many talented graduates, especially from aviation, technical and economic universities, join our team and take their first steps on the path of their professional career. We do visit schools and universities, though it is better to come and see the technical capabilities of our Company with your own eyes.

Cooperation with the District Vocational Education Centre

The District Vocational Education Centre in Świdnik has been closely associated with our Company since its early beginnings. Due to the dynamic development of the Company and the great demand for qualified technical staff, the Minister of Heavy Industry started the Vocational Training School for Employees in 1959, located on the premises of WSK Świdnik. Over the following years, together we have educated generations of specialists, who then became key employees of the Company. In 1991, the School management was taken over by the Board of Education in Lublin, and nine years later, by decision of the Świdnik County Council, the existing Vocational Training School for Employees was replaced by the District Vocational Education Centre (PCEZ).

Another important date in the common history of PZL-Świdnik and PCEZ is 30 November 2018, when the latest cooperation agreement was signed to consolidate the relations and patronage selected educational profiles, especially those related to aviation mechanics. We make every effort to ensure that the practical training programme, which still takes place on our premises, fits the needs of the young generation of technicians in the best possible way. Additionally, we have initiated an internship programme for the most talented graduates who, directly after finishing their education, are given the opportunity to take their first steps in the aviation industry to later become our employees.

Cooperation with Military University of Aviation in Dęblin

The Military University of Aviation in Dęblin (MUA), known mainly as the "School of the Eagles", has been changing its name, structure and educational aims over the years. However, one thing hasn't changed since its beginnings – it is a place for aviation enthusiasts to educate.

For many years, PZL-Świdnik has been a place where MUA students could serve their internship and learn the profession from the best. Every year, more and more groups of students – both civil and military – visit our premises to learn about our technical resources and research.

The culmination point of the long-term cooperation was signing an agreement on 2 April 2019 regarding dual studies.

MUA became the first military university in Poland to launch dual engineering studies, joining education with professional work. It is the only project of this kind in Poland regarding aviation mechanics. The first students began their internship in July 2020 at the Flight Testing Department where, under the supervision of experienced aviation mechanics, long-term practical training instructors from the approved Aviation Mechanics Training Centre, they will be gaining knowledge and experience in aircraft maintenance for the next three years.

Study Tours and Visits

Technical School Students can visit our plant. The programme of the visit is always planned individually according to the needs and interests of the visiting group. This type of a trip is also an excellent opportunity to get to know us as a potential employer before applying for an internship or work.

Interested schools and universities are welcome to contact us by phone at: 81 722 63 44.