Our Team

Our team of professionals with passion and commitment has been leading us to achieve our goals for the last 70 years. We are convinced that every person brings something precious and unique to the Company, helping us to create products and services of the highest quality.

In our team of approximately 3,000 employees, there are places for both experienced specialists as well as graduates, at the start of their professional career.

If you see yourself as a person who would like to support an aviation sector leader in future success:

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1. Aerostructure Centre of Excellence

As part of Aerostructure Centre of Excellence, we have established close cooperation with other plants of Leonardo Group to make sure that our manufacturing processes are of the highest level. It would not be possible, without the team of professionals in Manufacturing and Assembly, Quality Control, Production Engineering, Planning and Analysis.

The processes we specialise in: mechanical working, heat treatment, plastic forming, coating and varnish treatment, composite manufacturing and structures assembly.

These areas include, specialised direct production workers and Quality Inspectors, Process Engineers, Tooling Specialists, CNC Programmers, Production, Material and Scheduling Planners and Production Analysts.

2. R&D

The R&D Division is engaged in all activities, aiming at designing or modernising the construction of the aircrafts, which mainly include model making, analysis and trial testing. Additionally, our experts monitor the safety and correct functioning of the constructions.

This area includes Test Engineers, Design and Construction Engineers, Analysts of various industry specialties, as well as other experts in design and airworthiness.

3. Helicopters

The Helicopters Division provides final products of our business operation which are aircraft. It would not be possible if it wasn’t for the team of professionals in the Divisions of Final Assembly, Repairs and Renovations, Production Engineering, Quality Control and Tests Flight, as well as Planning and Analytics.

This area includes Process Engineers, Repairs Specialists, Aviation Mechanics and Test Flight Engineers and Experimental Tests Engineers, Pilots, Planners and Analysts.

4. Customer Support & Training

Customer Support provides full post-sale customer service, especially on spare parts, technical service and product support engineering, as well as aviation training.

This area includes Post-sales Customer Support Specialists, Aviation Mechanics and Technical Consultants providing services in the Company, as well as on secondment to the client.

5. Business Support

The Business Support Division provide everyday support for the Company to make sure it follows the chosen strategy and targets. These activities include management processes, employment issues and business consulting, as well as policy and procedure development in various areas such as HR, H&S and Environmental protection, Finance, Quality, Legal, IT, Marketing and many others. Additionally, the Procurement and the Delivery Divisions are both responsible for managing the purchasing process and building long term relations with our suppliers.

This area includes Personnel Development Specialists and HR Business Partners, H&S and Environmental Inspectors, Financial Controllers and Analysts, Accountants, Quality Inspectors, Solicitors, IT Specialists and Purchasing Specialists.