Customer Support and Training

Customer Support & Training is a team of nearly 70 people supporting the operation of over 200 W-3 Sokół, SW-4 and Mi-2 helicopters in military and civil configurations worldwide.

Our organisation consists of five main areas responsible for:

Customer Support Management

The Customer Support Managers are in constant contact with the customers and support the helicopter operators both in technical and commercial aspects.

To check if we can meet your requirements and coordinate all the activities you need, contact one of them (full details below)

Order Management

In order to meet our customers' expectations, we support the operation of our helicopters by concluding service agreements, comprehensive monitoring of the performance of such agreements and individual orders placed by customers in the area of spare parts supplies, maintenance services as well as R&O activities, starting from submitting an enquiry till its finalisation.

We also take an active part in the preparation of tender documentation in the field of logistics and technical support.

We take care to meet the requirements of the implemented Quality Management System based on the certificates of compliance with the AS9100 and AQAP2110 standards.

Technical services

Our team of certified mechanics within the PART 145 Service Organisation provides services to the Customers all over the world at all maintenance and service levels:

  • Organisational (O-level) 
  • Intermediate (I-level) 
  • Depot (D-level)


We offer a wide range of training opportunities for pilots and technical personnel in the field of pilot training and basic maintenance of W-3, SW-4 and Mi-2 helicopters, as well as specialized training depending on the Customer's needs, under the Aviation Training Centre approval according to PART 147.)

Product Support Engineering

As the manufacturer of W-3, SW-4 and Mi-2 helicopters, we provide continuous updating and access to technical documentation and support the Operators with additional equipment modifications. PZL-Świdnik Policy on Technical Publications Distribution


Contact Details

Head of Customer Support Management:

Jarosław Krupski
Phone: +48 81722 6140

Customer Support Managers:

Piotr Buczek – Foreign Government Customers 
Phone: +48 81722 6884

Agata Kosior – Civil Customers
Phone: +48 81722 6071

Michał Krociel – Navy, Border Guard, Police, TOPR (Tatra Volunteer Search and Rescue)
Phone:  +48 81722 5575

Robert Majcher – Polish Air Forces
Phone: +48 81722 6308

Paweł Paszkowski – Polish Army, Land Forces
Phone: +48 81722 5281

Aviation Training

Marcin Sikorski
Phone: +48 81722 6872


Phone.: +48 81722 5716
Fax: +48 81722 5625

Technical Publications

Technical Publications