External Partners

GKN Aerospace

Manufacture of nacelle components for Bombardier Challenger 300, Gulfstream G280, Embraer EA3 aircrafts. PZL-Świdnik S.A. is the supplier of 4 main assemblies of Honeywell HTF7000 Nacelles:

  • Inner Fan Duct
  • Inlet
  • Fan Cowl Doors
  • Acoustic Panels



Manufacture of detail parts and assembly of ATR-72 Center Wing Box Skeleton and manufacture of ATR-42 Center Wing Box Skeleton Kits. Detail parts include mechanically milled ribs and 9.5 meter long spars. All assembly jigs and inspection gauges were designed and fabricated in Świdnik in the early 1990s. At present, PZL-Świdnik S.A. is the only source of these structures.