Manufacture of Composite Structures

Composite Shop is currently equipped with the infrastructure necessary to carry out the following processes:

1. Manufacture of main rotor blades, tail rotor blades and horizontal stabilizers for W-3, SW-4, Kania helicopters as well as for the manufacture of composite liners:

  • Dryers for composites ( max. temperature: 220°C, max. dimensions: width: 2800mm x height: 2200mm x length: 8500mm, with computer  recording of polymerisation parameter)
  • 115m2 painting shop.

2. Manufacture of composite structures in clean room:

  • 3 clean rooms (the largest is 630 sq. m in size)
  • VIRTEK 10-head laser projection system
  • 2 CNC cutting machine for prepreg cutting: LECTRA, HUMANTEC
  • 5 autoclaves (the largest with a diameter of 3500mm, 10000mm long)
  • 9 cold rooms


3. DT and NDT inspection:

  • UT Pulse Echo ASCAN manual inspection of the monolithic structures
  • UT Through Transmission ASCAN manual inspection of sandwich and bonded structures
  • UT Through Transmission C-SCAN automatic inspection  of the monolithic, sandwich and bonded structures  (flat and slightly curved parts)
  • UT Through Transmission NU-SCAN automatic inspection  of the monolithic, sandwich and bonded structures  (parts with complex 3D curvature)

4. Machining:

  • 5-axis CNC milling centres by JOBS - JOMACH 146®  (with overall dimensions worktable X: 6000 mm, Y 4000 mm, Z: 2000) and  JOBS - JOMACH 156® (with overall dimensions worktable X: 4800 mm, Y 3200 mm, Z: 2000 mm),
  • 3-axis milling machine (plus indexed axis C) 4030 NOVA 3X with vacuum table with dimensions of 3m x 4m.

5. Design, simulation and manufacture of bonding tools:

  • Design and simulation, carried out with up-to-date CAD/CAM tools (Catia, NX, AutoCad), 
  • Fibre development and nesting (Magestic software),
  • Manufacture of metal tools, composite tools using wet lay-up, pre-preg,  infusion or pattern plate technology,
  • Tools refurbishment