The Superior Solution

The AW101 embodies advanced design and technology coupled with long range and endurance, which provide operational persistence for all missions. The versatility of the AW101 platform and a full range of on-board equipment allow operators to configure the helicopter for a wide range of roles including Maritime, Battlefield/Personnel Recovery and SAR. This mission versatility, combined with the most spacious cabin in its class featuring large side sliding doors and rear access ramp, makes the AW101 the most advanced, flexible and capable multi-role helicopter available today.

Missions & Features

Agile, adaptable and capable

With a front-line pedigree from all recent major conflicts, the AW101 battlefield platform is a versatile and agile tactical transport aircraft for intra-theatre lift that is capable of responding to the ‘deploy anywhere’ nature of battlefield tasks. Exceptional performance and comprehensive self-protection measures enable the AW101 to operate worldwide in the most demanding theatres. Its design harnesses technologies from the forefront of industry, which are fully integrated throughout the avionics and mission suite to deliver exceptional situational awareness, rapid tactical assessment and ultimate mission effectiveness.

Inherent safety and survivability

Inherent safety within the design of the aircraft includes extensive redundancy in the 20g crashworthy structure, avionics and critical systems. Combined with a three-engine configuration and 30-minute run-dry transmission, under the protection of a sophisticated Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS), this ensures the highest standards of safety.

Mission capable

The capabilities of the AW101 for Personnel Recovery missions ensure first response medical assistance and recovery/extraction of personnel in hostile or denied environments. The helicopter of choice for leading Search and Rescue (SAR) customers worldwide, the AW101 has earned an unparalleled reputation as the most capable platform with superior range and endurance. The cabin capacity allows the AW101 to carry up to 38 lightly equipped troops, on crashworthy seating, 16 stretcher casualties or vehicles such as Quad Bikes and Tactical ATVs.

Class-leading operability

The capability of the Personnel Recovery platform enables the AW101 to deliver first response medical assistance and recovery/extraction of personnel in hostile or denied environments. Scalable Defensive Aids solutions provide the capability to discern and suppress threats. Crew-served weapons allow the helicopter to provide fire suppression during recovery operations. Tactical communications enable the AW101 to integrate into the modern digital battlespace providing voice, data and video communication capability. 

Technical data