Manoeuvrable and Compact

The SW-4 is a multi-purpose, light single engine helicopter with excellent performance, flight envelope and cabin space. Thanks to its characteristics, the helicopter is ideally suited for utility and training operations.

The SW-4 can carry up to five persons including pilot(s) on crashworthy seats under day and night VFR ruling in the most comfortable passenger cabin and cockpit in its category, with easy access and egress for maximum flexibility and safety. The cockpit features dual controls with an instrument panel conceived for excellent ergonomics. Both cockpit and cabin offer outstanding all around visibility increasing safety and VFR situational awareness. Two sliding doors provide access to the large cabin, which ensures to each passenger great comfort with ample legroom, as well as prompt reconfiguration capability for other roles. A separate baggage compartment in the rear fuselage area further expands available space and mission versatility.

The SW-4 features exceptional and forgiving handling and autorotation behaviour for maximum safety and quality of training to cope with critical flight and operational conditions.

Main Features
  • In the field of basic and advanced aviation training, the helicopter enables VFR flights, day and night flights (including compliance with IFR flight rules), the use of an FDR, NVG night vision, emergency simulation module, training in autorotation and external cargo transfer
  • The helicopter structure is made of aluminum alloy using epoxy-glass composites for non-structural elements
  • Functional cabin layout designed for high operational flexibility and quick and easy reconfiguration (4 passengers and 1 pilot, or 3 passengers and 2 pilots, or cargo and 1 or 2 pilots). There are no mounting posts between the pilots' and passengers’ doors
  • Easily reconfiguration from passenger layout to cargo transport solution capable of carrying up to 323 kg (712 lb) in the cabin rear and 90 kg (198 lb) in the cabin front and an additional 150 kg (331 lb) in the luggage compartment

Technical Data