Simply no rivals

The multi-mission AW139M, the military version of the AW139, meets the demand of military and government missions to perform day and night, in the most challenging environments. It combines advanced technology and high power margins with inherent safety and survivability, alongside the flexibility to add dedicated role equipment, including optional internal and external weapon systems.

Missions & Features

Mission capability

The AW139M is optimised for a wide spectrum of missions including battlefield support, tactical troop transport, logistics support, threat suppression, fire support, Command and Control (C2), medical evacuation, Search and Rescue (SAR), Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR), maritime patrol and homeland security.

Outstanding technology

The Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible glass cockpit has four large liquid crystal displays with an optional fifth display for a moving map and cameras. The state-of-the-art integrated digital avionics system is integrated with a four-axis digital autopilot and features advanced SAR modes. Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) optimises helicopter performance in all conditions.

Built-in safety and survivability

The AW139M is built to offer exceptional safety and survivability. It features a low visual, thermal and acoustic signature, system redundancy, self-sealing fuel tanks, ballistic protection, heavy duty landing gear and crashworthiness. The advanced defensive aids suite enhances both the AW139M’s safety and mission success.

Maximum cabin flexibility

The helicopter features the largest, unobstructed cabin in its class, which can be easily reconfigured. It provides space to carry heavily laden troops, while two large sliding doors ensure rapid troop deployment in operational theatres and the recovery of stretchers in flight. Window-mounted machine guns provide covering threat suppression and cockpit armour protects the aircrew.

Technical Data