PZL W-3A Sokół

Robust and Reliable

The W-3A Sokół is a robust and reliable medium-size twin-engine helicopter developed to provide the perfect solution for the most challenging missions in a variety of roles thanks to its high efficiency, versatility and best-in-class external load capability.

The helicopter can transport up to 2,100 kg of cargo in the cabin (including 10 passengers on folding seats). The cabin volume (7m3) and the flat floor enable comfortable usage of the available space, maximizing the working area, while the large sliding doors provide easy access to cabin. The W-3A can also carry up to 2,100 kg on an external suspension and is the only helicopter in its class that can exploit the most of its transport capabilities.

Thanks to excellent operating capabilities and easy maintenance, the W-3A helicopter is suitable for use in any conditions.

Equipped with a Bambi Bucket or a belly tank, the W-3A is an ideal solution for firefighting and reducing of fire spread. The belly tank has been designed to allow a flight at a speed of 115 kt, enabling very precise and effective discharge.

Main Features
  • Fully articulated four-blades main rotor and three-blades tail rotor
  • Four composite blades for high efficiency and adequate inertia in autorotation
  • Trapezoidal main rotor blade tips reducing the control system loads 
  • Pendulum vibration damper to minimize vibration levels
  • Ability to restart the engine in flight, minimizing pilot workload

Operation in difficult weather conditions is possible thanks to:

  • Electric heating of the leading edges of main rotor and tail rotor blades 
  • Electric heating of windows with wipers

The fixed three-wheeled landing gear, designed for high durability, is equipped with large tires enabling landing on unprepared and even very uneven terrain. 

The front wheel is castoring twin nose wheel.

Technical Data