Health and Safety

PZL-Świdnik implemented the Environmental, Health and Safety Management System in 2006. The system is subject to continuous development and improvement, taking into account legal, organizational and business aspects related to the fact that PZL-Świdnik is a part of an international corporation - Leonardo Helicopters.

Our Plant is certified in the field of the environmental management system in accordance with standard ISO 14001:2015 and occupational health and safety management in accordance with standard ISO 45001:2018. The scope of certification includes design, development works, production and maintenance of helicopters and spare parts, production of assemblies for large passenger aircrafts and light aircrafts, production of composite and bonded elements, services in the field of mechanical, heat and surface treatment of metallic parts, production of aircrafts parts and assemblies as part of international cooperation and training of aviation personnel.


Considering the Environmental, Health and Safety Management System requirements, PZL-Świdnik – as an Lower-Tier Establishment – developed and implemented the internal environment, health and safety regulations and requires their fulfilment from all its subcontractors. 

These requirements relates to the rules how to conduct of work, as well as their organizations, which are specifically defined in the documents located here.

To find out the details concerning the requirements that relate to the principles of work performance and organization, read the documents below:

Environmental and Health and Safety Policy – established for PZL-Świdnik.

PZL-Świdnik as an Lower-Tier Establishment of a major industrial accident – information required in accordance with the provisions of art. 261a of the Environmental Protection Act of 27 April 2001, including the information on methods of warning and public proceedings in case of a major industrial accident.