Completed Projects

Project "Modernisation of the infrastructure of research and development facilities at Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego PZL-Świdnik Spółka Akcyjna along with the employment of qualified staff" is co-financed by the European Union under the Operational Program Development of Eastern Poland 2007-2013, Priority axis I "Modern economy", Measure I.3 Supporting innovation.

The scope of the project included works related to the modernisation of research and development facilities in order to enable advanced R&D works at a global level and increase the company's participation in building the European Research Area (ERA). In particular, it included the following works:

  • Modernisation of premises and purchase of specialised equipment for the Laboratory of Advanced Technologies enabling the production of "technological demonstrators";
  • Purchase of specialised modern equipment for the Ground Research and Measurement Laboratory and the Flight Test and Measurement Laboratory, enabling the implementation of advanced own research programs for "technological demonstrators" and the implementation of European research projects;
  • Purchase of modern computer hardware and software for teams carrying out design and research works and developing advanced technologies;
  • Full modernisation of the existing building of the Research and Development Department for the needs of design and research departments, technology and the Laboratory of Advanced Technologies;
  • Construction of external infrastructure, including infrastructure enabling pro-ecological supply of necessary media and energy carriers to the infrastructure of research and development facilities;
  • Recruitment and training of highly qualified staff;
  • Creating new and ergonomic workstations and training employees in the use of modern, technically advanced devices.

Project duration: 2010-2015
Total project cost: 78 806 252,02 PLN
The amount of The level of co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund and the State Budget: 32 982 130,60 PLN.