W-3PL Głuszec

Multipurpose battlefield helicopter

The W-3PL Głuszec is a cost-effective, rugged, reliable, and operationally proven helicopter developed for combat support, Search and Rescue (SAR) and attack missions. 

The W-3PL Głuszec is the result of experiences gained by Aeromoblie Units of the Polish Army within combat operations during a stabilization mission in Iraq. Its final shape has been created as a development of cooperation between the Land Forces and the Polish defense industry. 

The helicopter features a spacious, unobstructed cabin (7m3), large sliding doors on both sides and rappelling system to fulfil transport missions. It is equipped with integrated communication, navigation and armament systems, based on a mission computer, digital data buses and multifunction displays.

Thanks to its highest combat survivability and safety, and to maximized performance for day/night and all environment operations, the W-3PL Głuszec is perfect for carrying out SAR/CSAR rescue missions, patrolling or transporting soldiers. 

Main Features
  • Highest combat survivability and safety
  • Able to perform missions during day and night, in all weather conditions
  • Integrated communication and navigation and weapon systems based on the mission computer, digital data transmission buses and multifunction displays
  • Multi-role platform to allow quick and easy configuration
  • Spacious cabin (7m3), large, sliding doors on both sides of the cabin for easy landing missions, rope landing kit
  • Two PZL-10W engines controlled by FADEC system and 4-axis autopilot ensuring excellent performance in all conditions
  • VHF, UHF, HF, ICS communication system with information coding
  • Full compatibility with NVG goggles
  • INS GPS navigation system, digital map, Tacan, VOR, ILS, MB

Technical Data