Bartosz Mateusz Śliwa – Member of the Management Board

A graduate from Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Department of Materials Engineering, Metallurgy and Transport – Master of Engineering – faculty in „Vehicles Maintenance and Exploitation”. Postgraduate – Business Administration – London.

He started his business career in 2003 in General Motors/Fiat right after the graduation in Great Britain. After J. V. GM and Fiat split in 2006, he was nominated as the first Strategic Global Team Leader for Procurement Strategy Development in the „ENERGY" sector for the whole Fiat concern and was transferred to the headquarters in Torino. In 2008, he was nominated as the Leader of the Russian Suppliers Development Project for J. V. Fiat and Severstal Auto in Zavolzhye (Nizhny Novgorod Oblast).

In 2009 he was nominated as the Leader for Suppliers Development Project- a new and the biggest investment plan of Fiat Chrysler in the Balcans (Bdg 1.25 billion Euro) for the new Fiat production plant under construction, located on the former site of Zastava Automobiles (Kragujevac). The project was closed in 2013 reaching a theoretical production capacity of 300 000 cars per year.

In 2013 he signed a new employment contract with PZL-Świdnik, initially for the Procurement Director position to finally take a post of the Production Plant Director in September 2017. 

In February 2018 he accepted the nomination as a Member of the Management Board of PZL-Świdnik – Leonardo Helicopters.